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Leaders today are expected to be multi-talented. They have to lead and motivate their team, manage complex projects with tight deadlines, think and act politically within the company, manage the daily business in between countless meetings, develop new strategies, and always have an open ear for employees, superiors and management colleagues.

Balancing all these competing demands requires not only professional expertise, but also mental and emotional capabilities. This is where executive coaching comes in, by helping you develop and entrench the behaviours, skills and mindset needed for impactful, sustainable leadership.


The Purpose of Executive Coaching

The results of coaching are naturally very individual and depend on your personal goals and challenges. Following are some examples of the results and benefits our experienced executive coaches can help you with:

Leadership and Career Development

Our leadership coaching helps you build your presence and impact as a business leader. This includes consistently dealing with superiors, colleagues and employees in a constructive and goal-oriented manner. We guide you on your journey from boss to leader.

Work-Life-Balance and Resilience

Often, executive coaching is about the ability to relax quickly and in a targeted manner. You will learn effective methods to manage your personal energy level in a focussed way, resulting in increased satisfaction and happiness.

Increased Efficiency

One of the “side effects” of our business coaching is often a noticeable increase in efficiency. This is the logical consequence of more inner clarity, focus, assertiveness and clearer communication.

Focus and Clarity

Through executive coaching, you achieve clarity around your personal goals. Examining your own values enables you to develop effective strategies for achieving your goals.

Conflict Management

Depending on the specific situation, a result of leadership coaching can be a more relaxed and confident handling of any conflicts and difficult situations you might encounter as a manager (e.g. employee conversations).

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Tree Trunk – Achieve Peak Performance with Executive Coaching

Just like top athletes, executives strive for peak performance. Top athletes never compete in the Olympics without a coach, despite their outstanding performance and extensive experience. A good leader knows the value of having professionals by their side to elevate and sustain their own potential for peak performance. We are the professionals in Executive Coaching who can help you reach new heights. We provide guidance and use targeted strategies for different situations.

Benefits of Using an Executive Coach

In many companies it is now considered best practice to hire an executive coach for executives. From the perspective of the coachee and the company, integrating a professional and experienced executive development coach has several advantages:


  •  Individual coaching allows for a focussed approach, resulting in improvement in key competencies within a short period of time
  • The executive benefits from our clear and undistorted external perspective
  • Our certified coaches bring many years of experience as executives in well-known, respected companies
  • Based on our experience, we know how to support our clients most effectively in achieving their desired professional development
  • We are effective sparring partners who recognise the importance of building trust and taking a goal-oriented approach

Our Approach To Executive Coaching

1. As a rule, we start with a telephone conversation to better understand your needs Thereafter, the first coaching session lasts about two hours. It can take place either in our offices in Zug and Luzern or on your premises. Our clients come from all parts of Switzerland, including Zurich, Basel, Bern and Zug.

We also offer virtual coaching services.

2. In the first session, we jointly define the goals for the coaching engagement and already work tangibly on them.

3. Depending on the situation, a coaching engagement can sometimes be completed within two or three sessions. In other cases, a longer-term approach is recommended in order to entrench the desired changes.

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Your contact person

Hartmut Kretschmer

-Managing Partner & Executive Coach-

My name is Hartmut Kretschmer, and I am an Executive Coach and a Managing Partner at Tree Trunk Partners. Tree Trunk Partners is a consulting and training team based in Central Switzerland.

Our areas of expertise include leadership development,
team development, personal development, and organizational development. With over 25 years of leadership experience in various roles and HR functions at renowned companies
such as Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, and Marriott Hotels, I have been an independent executive coach, career coach, and trainer for the past 7 years.

I help my clients identify and enhance the necessary competencies and skills to achieve their goals. My approach combines proven models and tools from the fields of leadership development, organizational development, and coaching psychology with extensive practical experience.

I am the ideal partner if you are looking for competent, experienced support with your career.


Having taken on a new leadership role I was looking for a competent coach to help me with my professional development. Thanks to Hartmut’s long experience as a leader and his solution- and people-oriented approach he was able to support me in an optimal way. With his coaching I was able to resolve conflict situations in such a way that all involved parties ended up with a positive outcome.

Timofej Kasakow, Head of Origination – CKW (Luzern)

Frequently asked questions:

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching refers to the process of experienced coaches supporting executives or managers. It involves a process-oriented approach to facilitate the best possible execution of their tasks. These tasks range from effective team communication and efficient time management to conflict management. Coaching is conducted through one-on-one personal sessions or multiple sessions. It is aimed at employees in senior or top management positions within a company. Whether it’s a large corporation, a small or medium-sized enterprise, or a startup, executives of all company sizes can benefit from coaching, as it is highly individualized and resource-oriented. The main qualification for executive coaching is being entrusted with management tasks and leadership responsibilities in daily operations.

What Sets Executive Coaching Apart from Leadership Training?

Executive coaching differs from leadership training. Training sessions primarily focus on imparting technical knowledge that participants can integrate into their professional lives. The content of such training is tied to the knowledge of the trainers. However, it disregards the individual personal characteristics and abilities of the participants, as well as the relationship between participants and trainers. In contrast, executive coaching assumes that leaders already possess sufficient technical knowledge to competently perform their jobs. In this coaching process, what is crucial is how participants can individually and efficiently solve problems. Their existing characteristics and abilities serve as the basis for targeted, solution-oriented support from the coach.

When is Executive Coaching Needed?

There can be various reasons for seeking a professional executive coach, often connected with the desire to work on specific leadership attributes. Our executive coaches are frequently sought out in the following situations: leadership changes; changes in team composition; changes in individual positions, roles, or responsibilities; navigating gaps between expertise and experience; the fine-tuning of specific management skills; conflict management; handling stressful situations.

What Methods are Used in Executive Coaching?

We employ a variety of proven coaching methods and tools tailored to the situation and needs of our clients. Typical methods include techniques from the disciplines of mediation, nonviolent-communication, and systemic, solution-oriented coaching.

What Makes for a Good Executive Coach?

We understand that the certification and training of the coach are crucial factors when selecting the right executive coach. All our coaches at Tree Trunk Partners hold multiple certifications and have decades of leadership experience in various industries. Experienced executive coaches always conduct a personal initial consultation with potential clients to better assess the situation and clarify the individual goals. Furthermore, references and personal recommendations distinguish an best-in-class executive coaching company from others.

What does Executive Coaching cost?

The price of executive coaching depends on various factors. Since we operate nationwide throughout Switzerland, the final price of coaching can vary depending on the region and the coach’s experience. However, our prices typically start at 200 CHF to 250 CHF per hour.

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Hartmut Kretschmer von Tree Trunk Partners

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