We turn employees into co-creators. With our training and coaching we help people unleash their full potential and learn how to tap into, and direct, their sources of personal energy.




Energy for Life

Increase the motivation and resilience of your employees, and prevent burn-out.

Using action-oriented learning, participants learn and experience the principles of personal energy management and how to build individual resilience. Our scientifically-based, proven approach leads to sustained improvements in performance, health and work-life balance.

Career Coaching

For when you need more clarity about your next step, or your career feels like a dead end.

We help you identify a clear direction that aligns your career with your personal values and priorities.

Tree Trunk 360° Feedback

Our powerful feedback tool is used to help users reflect upon and develop their personal effectiveness. It provides a structured assessment of abilities and behaviours from different perspectives. It also highlights any differences between how we view ourselves, and how we are perceived by others.

Insights Discovery

This widely-used and respected psychometric tool helps us better understand how we and the people around us function and interact. With this understanding, we can build healthy relationships, enable successful collaboration and promote effective communication.

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