Leadership Development

We turn managers into leaders
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Team Development

We turn groups into teams
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Individual Development

We turn employees into co-creators
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Change Management

We turn change into opportunity
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We Help Organisations Unleash Their Full Potential

Tree Trunk Partners is your consulting and training team in central Switzerland. We specialise in leadership development, team development, human resource development, and organizational development.

For us, “Tree Trunk” means understanding things from the core outwards and placing them in the context of our own personal energy. By doing so we come with new perspectives, leading to balanced, sustainable solutions.

At Tree Trunk, we help organisations realise the full potential of their people, leading to engaged employees, collaborative work environments, and sustainable growth.

Thanks to the support of Tree Trunk Partners my leadership team and I gained valuable new insights about our role as leaders, with tangible, positive effects on the whole business.

Petr Pridal, CEO – MapTiler AG (Unterägeri)

What we do

We work with organizations, teams, and individuals at all levels to achieve healthy and sustainable high performance.

Leadership Development

We turn managers into leaders. Our hands-on leadership programs combine interactive and proven training approaches with individual coaching.

Team Development

We turn groups into teams. Our workshops, training and coaching sessions strengthen communication and collaboration in teams.

Individual Development

We turn employees into co-creators. With our training and coaching we help people unleash their full potential.

Change Management

We turn change into opportunity. We support organisations in planning and implementing their changes, ensuring everyone is on board and that the desired outcomes stick.

With his support we have been able to transform the culture in the team.

Gerard Trenerowski,
Manager Supply Chain Design – Corning Incorporated (Luzern)

How We Do It

In our training, coaching and consulting we combine our many years’ experience of business and leadership with serious, respected, methodologies from the fields of leadership development, organizational development and coaching psychology.


Our training programs are highly interactive and hands-on. We provide open-enrolment and customized training to develop leadership competencies and increase the effectiveness of teams and individuals.


What worked in the past is not always the success recipe for the future. Professional coaching provides an opportunity to challenge the validity of ingrained assumptions and habits, and develop new approaches for professional success and personal fulfilment.


Every organization is unique. We work with you to design customized programs focussing on your specific business goals and priorities. We combine the wisdom within your own organization with our own experience from best-in-class businesses.


We use a selection of respected, data-based tools. In developing customized solutions for your organization we sometimes integrate the use of internationally-recognized tools into our approach, complementing your employees' abilities with data-based insights.

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