Tree Trunk 360° Feedback for Leaders

“Feedback is a gift” goes the old saying.
With our 360° feedback tool leaders gain valuable insights into their own leadership style and its impact on others. We then use this as a basis for exploring and implementing measures for them to become even more effective and authentic as leaders.


Leaders benefit from using our 360° feedback tool when, for example they want to:

  • deepen their self-awareness
  • identify development areas in their leadership
  • create meaningful personal development plans
  • strengthen relationships with key stakeholders
  • build a challenging, respectful, and productive culture
Das Tree Trunk Führungsmodell erklärt David einer Gruppe beim Workshop.

Example Feedback Report

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Frau in einer Führungsposition liest sich Workshopunterlagen durch.


Our 360° leadership feedback tool is based on the Tree Trunk leadership model. The resulting individual report details the skills and behaviours critical for success as a leader:

  • customer focus
  • information and communication
  • problem solving and decision making
  • entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • organization, time management, and self-management
  • dealing with conflict situations and negotiation skills
  • developing employees and teams
  • goal setting and delegation
  • resilience and overcoming obstacles.
  • personality

With our carefully designed process we ensure the feedback the leader receives is relevant and specific whilst maintaining the anonymity of the respondents.

Example Feedback Report

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Workshop-Teinehmer lauschen gespannt dem Vortrag von dem Unternehmensberater David.

Our 360° feedback process at a glance:


Online assessment with 50 questions covering 10 essential leadership characteristics


Comparison of up to 20 individual responses, organized into groups


Free-form comments make feedback more meaningful


Respondents can make suggestions for refining leadership skills


Guided debriefing of results encourages open and honest conversations

Workshop-Teinehmer lauschen gespannt dem Vortrag von dem Unternehmensberater David.


Facilitates discussion and development of personal action plans


Suitable for use in one-on-one coaching sessions or in group workshops


Anonymity is guaranteed for respondents

Through the coachings sessions I have learned the new ability to remain calm and centred, allowing me to reach positive outcomes in what would previously have been tense situations.

Roger Martinelli, System Architect – Schindler Group (Lucerne, Switzerland)

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