Using Insights Discovery as a
Part of the Recruitment Process

Insights Discovery can be a useful tool in the later stages of a recruitment process. If a candidate voluntarily completes the Insights evaluator and is willing to share his/her profile with a potential employer, this can provide ideas for important discussion topics. For example, the “Management” chapter of the profile provides information about the way the person might manage others, and likes to be managed. This can be used to lead into a discussion about the hiring manager’s style, or the type of leadership culture in the organization.

Like other tools based on the typology theory of Carl Gustav Jung, the Insights Discovery instrument provides data on a person’s preferences, but not on their abilities. For this reason, we strongly recommend not to use Insights Discovery as a way of filtering out candidates in a recruitment process. We would be pleased to provide advice concerning other tools more suited for measuring abilities.

Eine Gruppe von unterschiedlichen Menschen hat Spaß bei einer Teambuiling Maßnahme.

As an example, we can consider a business wanting to ensure the new salesperson they are hiring should have yellow as their strongest colour preference. After all, selling is about being happy talking to strangers and having a large number of relationships, right? Yes and no. It might be that a candidate with blue as their strongest colour preference actually excels at building relationships with new people, when required. It might not be this person’s “natural” style, but they might be both comfortable and highly effective in this type of activity when needed. Furthermore, there are other parts of the selling process (for example in selecting prospects or understanding competitors’ offers) where the analytical approach preferred by those with a high level of blue energy is a key success factor.

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