Tree Trunk Leadership Program, in-house

Tailored to your company’s needs, we work with you to develop individual training programs for managers and project leaders in your company.
We focus on the real-life situations of the participants so that they can apply what they have learned to their own challenges. Continuously making the link to the participants’ daily business has a more tangible impact than through the teaching of abstract theories. The transfer of what has been experienced and learnt in the classroom into the real environment is further reinforced through one-on-one coaching and individual development plans.

Training Objectives


  • build their awareness of, and learn how to consciously direct, their personal energy
  • give and receive feedback to gain a clearer view of their own strengths and behavioural preferences 
  • identify and work on individual strategies for developing their leadership skills
  • understand the leader’s role in creating conditions for effective collaboration and helping others succeed
  • expand their ability to adapt their leadership style according to the individual and the business situation
  • learn, and experience, how to identify, value and use diversity for the benefit of the whole organization
  • learn, and experience, the difference between a group, and a team


The structure and format of these programs depends on the client’s exact needs but we often use our Tree Trunk leadership model as a framework, and typically cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Leading self
  • Personal energy management
  • Building productive relationships
  • Group dynamics
  • Leading teams
  • Situational leadership
  • Leader as coach
  • Stakeholder management

Learning Formats

We tailor the content and methodology to your specific needs and business context. The following are examples of content that we often include:

  • Snapshot of current leadership behaviours using 360° feedback, insights discovery or MBTI
  • Self-reflection and building awareness of own leadership style(s)
  • Building awareness of personal energy sources, and how to nurture them
  • Short theory sprints covering the most important leadership ideas
  • Addressing real-life cases either in a group, or using peer-coaching
  • Group and individual exercises, as well as role plays
  • Individual coaching to develop solutions for current challenges
  • Working on tangible personal development plans
Through the coachings sessions I have learned the new ability to remain calm and centred, allowing me to reach positive outcomes in what would previously have been tense situations.

Roger Mertinelli, System Architect – Schindler Aufzüge AG (Ebikon)

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