Our Philosophy

Central to our philosophy are the tenets of customer orientation; the use of serious, proven methods; and the value of experience.

All of our consultants have learned the hard way – from hands-on experience of getting things right and wrong, in the real world. We have experienced leading and being led; effective partnering and functional silos; inspirational leaders and mediocre managers; efficient decision-making processes and analysis-paralysis. And without this experience, we would not feel qualified or comfortable advising others.

In our work with people and organizations, we care about creating trust in order to develop the courage for change. We see ourselves as external catalysts for change, facilitating the development and implementation of solid solutions in the client’s ecosystem.

Our intensive work with a wide variety of organizations in diverse geographies has convinced us that inspirational leadership requires a careful examination of one’s own values and priorities. Those who are aware of their personal energy and how to integrate it mindfully into their thoughts and actions will be able to lead themselves, and others for long term success.

In a calm and engaging manner, David Patrick grasps situations quickly, asks the right questions and always keeps his eye on the big picture and the underlying story.

Tanja Curiger, Leitung Change & Development – Helvetia Versicherungen AG (Basel)

Hartmut Kretschmer

Managing Partner

  • 25 years’ leadership experience in a wide variety of line and HR functions (Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels)
  • Executive coach, career coach and trainer since 2017
  • Certified Systemic Solution-Oriented Coach Master (ZiS; bso)
  • Certified Energy for Performance Coach (Human Performance Institute)
  • Certified Human Resources Manager (VSKP)
  • MSc. Industrial Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • Bilingual: German & English
  • Yogi, sailor, hiker & skier


David Patrick

Managing Partner

  • 25 years’ experience in a wide variety of leadership positions (Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Royal Navy Officer)
  • Management consultant, team coach and change agent since 2017
  • Certified Human Relations Practitioner (Tavistock Institute)
  • Certified Organizational Development Practitioner (NTL)
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • MBA (IMD, Lausanne)
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering (UCL)
  • Bilingual: English & German
  • Beekeeper, fireman & gardener



Andy Clare

  • Experienced in human resources development and training in international companies such as HSBC and British Telekom (BT)
  • Coach, psychologist, and cultural change agent
  • Specialized in the conception, design and support of change programs.

Jutta Nikles

  • Experienced in human resources and organizational development in companies such as Roche and Helvetia Insurance
  • Systemic coach, leadership trainer and talent developer
  • Specialized in the conception, design and implementation of training and transformation projects.
James Jesty

James Jesty

  • Experienced in marketing and product development in companies such as Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson
  • Lateral thinker, consultant and coach for innovation
  • Specialized in the design of strategy workshops with a difference

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Thanks to Hartmut’s coaching I have been able to solve conflict situations without generating frustration on either side.

Roger Martinelli, System Architect – Schindler Group (Lucerne, Switzerland)

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