Our training programs are very interactive and hands-on and our trainers each have over 20 years’ experience of leadership in highly respected, international businesses. We provide open-enrolment and customized training to develop leadership skills and increase the effectiveness of teams and individuals.

Leadership Development

Team Development

Individual Development

Tree Trunk Leadership Program, Open-enrolment

Our 4-day program for mid-level managers and/or new leaders.

Learn, and experience, what it takes to be an authentic, impactful leader by developing your presence and mastering the management of your personal energy.

Tree Trunk Leadership Program, in-house

We design and deliver leadership development programs for all levels, tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

We integrate the concepts of personal energy management and authentic leadership into our programs and support the transfer of learning with individual coaching.

Strengthening Team Performance

Tailormade programs for promoting healthy team dynamics and teamwork.

Well-functioning, healthy teams are the key to delivering sustained high performance. We work with you to develop a program tailored to your specific situation.

Energy for Life

Increase the motivation and resilience of your employees, and prevent burn-out.

Using action-oriented learning, participants learn and experience the principles of personal energy management and how to build individual resilience. Our scientifically-based, proven approach leads to sustained improvements in performance, health and work-life balance.

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