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Release the full potential of your team!

High-performing teams are the building blocks of successful organizations. It is normal for there to be tensions in a team, and what matters is not avoiding the tensions, but naming them and dealing with them constructively. Often, the differences in the various personalities in the team play a role. A deeper understanding of these valuable differences is the foundation on which to build a high performing team.

Using the Insights Discovery psychometric tool, participants deepen their understanding of themselves and of their colleagues. This is the foundation for taking a closer look at team dynamics, and developing and agreeing strategies for strengthening collaboration

The program is highly interactive with practical exercises, and offers the possibility to integrate examples from the participants’ own working environment. Each participant receives an individual Insights Discovery profile and has the opportunity to discuss this with the trainer(s).

Kursteilnehmer des Workshops klebt Haftnotizen an eine Scheibe.


The exact agenda will be adapted to your specific needs, but typically looks something like this.

08:00 – 09:30

What we do

  • Introduction & ice-breaker
  • The value of validity of different perspectives
  • Introduction to the Insights Discovery instrument

How we do it

  • Interactive exercises
  • Theory
  • Video exercise
  • Facilitated discussions

09:30 – 09:45


09:45 – 12:15

What we do

  • Introduction to the Insights Discovery instrument (cont’d)
  • Theory of preferences (Carl Gustav Jung)
  • Distribution of individual Insights Discovery profiles

How we do it

  • Facilitated discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Theory & reflection

12:15 – 13:15


  • Trainer(s) available for Q&A during lunch

13:15 – 15:00

What we do

  • Using the differences in out team
  • Strengths & opportunities for our team
  • Communication in our team

How we do it

  • Group exercises & role plays
  • Facilitated discussions

15:00 – 15:15


15:15 – 17:15

What we do

  • Communication in our team (cont’d)
  • Make it stick: integration of key learnings into daily business

How we do it

  • Group exercises & role plays
  • Facilitated discussions



The Insights Discovery four-colour model is very easy to remember. It provides a convenient and neutral “common language” to reduce conflict and make it safe to talk about interpersonal dynamics in the team – even after the training

Online Evaluator

About 2 weeks before the workshop, participants are invited to complete Insights Discovery online evaluator. Completing the evaluator is confidential and takes about 15-20 minutes.

You can learn more about this program in this video

Example Profile

download PDF

Kursteilnehmer des Workshops haben Spass beim Erarbeiten ihres Evaluators.

Virtually or Face-To-Face

The program can be delivered virtually or face-to-face (on your premises, or off-site) and is designed for teams at all levels of the organization who want to understand and strengthen their team dynamics.

The teambuilding trainings with David have been a major factor in moving us from functional silos to a cross-functional, high performance team

Petr Pridal, CEO – MapTiler AG (Unterägeri)

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